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South Carolina Long Term Care Insurance

Although people are generally living longer, many are requiring assistance in their later years. Long term care services can be provided in your home, in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home. In many cases the family is no longer able to provide such care around the clock. Family members may not live nearby, they may have other pressing family commitments, or simply can't get the time off from work or away from the home. According to recent data, 48.6% of people age 65 and older may spend some time in a nursing home and 71.8% of people age 65 and older may use some form of home health care. Some people can pay the bill out of pocket, others will qualify for Medicaid (welfare), but most of us will fall somewhere in the middle. A South Carolina Long Term Care insurance policy can help protect your assets from the rising cost of care. Long Term Care insurance is often referred to as "asset protection." Individuals need to have assets worth protecting in order to justify the purchase of a policy. If you are able to pay Long Term Care insurance premiums without having to change your lifestyle - you should transfer that risk to the insurance company. Three Types of Long Term Care Insurance Policies Facility Only: Will pay benefits for care in a nursing home, assisted living facility or board and care facility. It's the most basic policy but often the most needed type. Home Health Care: Will pay benefits for care in your home, but not in a facility. The preferred policy when a home health care situation is possible. Comprehensive: Will pay benefits for care in your home or in a facility. This is the preferred type of plan (policy) because of it's flexibility, but is also the most expensive. A long term care insurance specialist will assist you in deciding which type of policy will work best for your needs.

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