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South Carolina Contractors Insurance

We are a provider of insurance solutions for general, artisan, and trade contractors throughout South Carolina. We utilize a large variety of admitted, non admitted, and alternative risk financing markets to customize coverages for our clients including commercial liability, property, auto, workers comp, surety bonds, and group health coverages. Our services include consistent monitoring of accounts throughout the year, as well as annual marketing for the best risk management alternatives. Affordable Insurance Solutions can provide insurance coverage for the sole proprietor performing general remodeling, to specialty trade and artisan contractors, to large general construction firms in the industry. Whether you are a small South Carolina business owner or a multi-million dollar multi-state construction firm, we can offer affordable insurance coverage that meets your requirements. South Carolina contractors insurance generally has three parts to it, a schedule to cover you, a schedule to cover the company or person you are contracted to and a schedule to cover any member of the public affected directly by your work as a contractor. In each of the cases, you should have full protection against accidental damage caused to equipment and property, and also liability protection covering medical, legal and compensation costs. South Carolina contractors insurance typically will not cover negligent acts or errors that are deliberate, nor will they provide extended cover if you demonstrate a pattern of consistent negligent behavior. Click on the link below to fill out a secure quote request form for a South Carolina contractors insurance plan, that regardless of whether you're a trade, artisan, or general contractor, will provide comprehensive insurance coverage for your business. Or you can speak with our South Carolina contractors insurance specialist at (803) 798-5754 to discuss the policy features in more detail.