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South Carolina Business Owners Insurance

Businesses can bundle property and liability coverage into a South Carolina Business Owners Insurance policy that allows your business to obtain broad coverage with affordable premiums. South Carolina Business Owners Insurance is usually the first step for small businesses looking to get basic property and liability coverage and is a comprehensive and affordable insurance package for small or medium sized businesses. To qualify for Business Owners Insurance Policies, a company should have 100 or fewer employees, and annual revenues should be less than $1 million. South Carolina Business Owners Insurance will typically provide reimbursement for up to a year of lost revenue resulting from an insured property loss. Some businesses may find South Carolina Business Owners Insurance coverage limits to be too low or may not like the lack of flexibility on options like coinsurance. However, what the Business Owners Insurance Policy lacks in flexibility it usually makes up for with lower premiums for your business.

Property Insurance Coverage

South Carolina Business Owners Insurance offers named perils or all risk insurance coverage, similiar to general property insurance coverages. Enhancement endorsements are available at little or no cost to extend coverage to your accounts receivable, valuable papers, signs, employee dishonesty, mechanical breakdown, computers including software, money and securities, off premises power failure and spoilage of food products, backup of sewers and drains.

Liability Insurance Coverage

While similar to Commercial General Liability Insurance, the liability part of a South Carolina Business Owners Insurance Policy offers less flexibility in determining your coverage limits for particular claims. Optional limits of $300,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000 are available. Personal injury, products liability, fire legal liability and premises medical payments are included. Also, Business Owners Insurance does not include professional liability insurance.

Interruption Insurance Coverage

Business Interruption Insurance is usually included in Business Owners Insurance Policies and covers lost income and expenses incurred when a company suffers disaster related damage. Ongoing operating expenses that continue even if business is suspended, such as payroll, are also covered. Click on the link below to fill out a secure quote request form for a South Carolina business owners insurance policy that regardless of whether you're a small contractor, large employer or a small business owner, will provide exceptional insurance coverage for your business at an affordable cost. Or you can speak with our South Carolina Business Owners Insurance specialist at (803) 798-5754 to discuss the policy features in more detail.