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Auto Insurance FAQs

Collision Coverage - South Carolina Auto Insurance

Covers damage caused to the owners auto from a collision caused by another auto or other object. The deductible is the amount you choose to pay upfront (if any) before the auto insurance policy pays. The higher the deductible chosen the lower the collision coverage cost within the South Carolina auto insurance policy.

Comprehensive Coverage - South Carolina Auto Insurance

Covers damage caused to the insured's auto (your automobile) from risks such as theft, fire, falling objects, earthquake, flood, missiles, explosion, riot and civil unrest. The deductible is the amount you choose to pay upfront (if any) before the auto insurance policy pays. The higher the deductible chosen the lower the comprehensive coverage cost within the South Carolina auto insurance policy.

Liability Coverage (Bodily Injury & Property Damage) - South Carolina Auto Insurance

Bodily Injury Liability

Injuries that you (insured) cause to someone else is covered under this part of an auto insurance policy. The minimum liability insurance coverage available for purchase in South Carolina is 25/50 and is explained in detail below. However, we recommend that you choose liability insurance coverage amounts that are much higher than the South Carolina minimums listed below. Contact us at (803) 798- 5754 to discuss what liability coverage amounts you require to meet your family and personal needs.

South Carolina Liability Coverage limits explanation:

25/50/25 25=$25,000 - 50=$50,000 - 25=$25,000 First number = bodily injury liability maximum for one person injured in an accident. Second number = bodily injury liability maximum for all injuries in one accident. Third number = property damage liability maximum for one accident.

Property Damage Liability

Damage caused by the insured (you) to someone else's property, such as a motorcycle, car, truck, fence, or house, is covered through property damage auto insurance coverage. This coverage also assists in protecting you if a lawsuit arises from an accident. The minimum coverage amount in South Carolina is $25,000.

Medical Payments Coverage - South Carolina Auto Insurance

Medical payments coverage pays for the medical and funeral expenses for you or others hurt or killed in an accident while riding in or driving your car or truck. Claims against this coverage include all reasonable hospital, surgical, chiropractor, X-ray, dental, professional nursing, prosthetic, and funeral expenses. It will also cover you or members of your family if you are hit by a car when you are walking or if you are riding in another car or truck. This coverage will pay for your medical and funeral expenses even if you cause the accident. The coverage is often limited to medical care you get in the first one, two, or three years after the accident and is limited to a specific dollar amount. This is not a required South Carolina Auto Insurance coverage.

No Fault Coverage (PIP) - South Carolina Auto Insurance

South Carolina does not require "No Fault" insurance coverage. This coverage pays medical bills for injuries suffered in an auto accident regardless of who caused the accident

Benefits Provided Include:

Pays 80% of all reasonable expenses for necessary medical, surgical, x-ray, dental and rehabilitative services, including prosthetic devices, wheelchairs, crutches, slings, neck braces and splints (including necessary travel related to medical care.) Necessary remedial treatment (nursing home care or home nursing care) Pays 60% of gross income loss caused by inability to work because of an injury suffered in an accident $5,000 death benefit

Uninsured Motorist Coverage - South Carolina Auto Insurance

Covers the insured (you) for your bodily injury caused by a hit-and-run driver or an at-fault driver who has no auto liability insurance. This coverage is required for South Carolina Auto Insurance. Contact us at (803) 798-5754 to discuss what uninsured coverage amounts you require to meet your family and personal needs.

Example of uninsured motorist limits:

25/50 25=$25,000 - 50=$50,000 First number = uninsured motorist maximum for one person injured in an accident. Second number = uninsured motorist maximum for all injuries in one accident.

Underinsured Motorist Coverage - South Carolina Auto Insurance

This coverage comes into play when an at-fault driver has auto or motorcycle liability insurance, but the limit of insurance is inadequate to pay for your damages.

Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury Coverage

This type of auto insurance coverage pays for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages when you or your passengers are injured in an accident caused by a driver who has insufficient auto or motorcycle insurance coverage. The auto insurance coverage typically pays the difference between the coverage limit you select and the other driver's bodily injury coverage limit. This is not a required South Carolina auto insurance coverage.

Underinsured Motorist Property Damage Coverage

Protects you if your auto is damaged in an accident caused by a driver who has insufficient auto insurance coverage. This coverage pays the difference between the coverage limit you select and the other driver's property damage coverage limit. This is not a required coverage in South Carolina.

Reducing Auto Insurance Premiums for Teens

Having a teenager included on your auto insurance policy will always cost substantially more, but there are ways to reduce the premium increase.   The best cars for teen drivers are slower, bigger cars with a lot of safety features. Teenager's are more prone to accidents, especially ones caused by speeding. A disproportionate number of teenage car accidents involve only one vehicle.   Make sure your teen drives safely. One speeding ticket or fender-bender can send your teenager's auto insurance rates sky high. Require that they take a drivers education class at their high school or local DMV.   Good student teen driver insurance rates can save up to 25% on your teenager's auto insurance if a "B" average is maintained.   Assuming your teen keeps a good driving record, the cost of insuring them will decrease as they get older.

South Carolina Auto Insurance Endorsements

Auto Insurance endorsements are policy extras for services such as towing insurance, auto glass insurance, daily rental insurance, and emergency roadside insurance.   These auto insurance policies are not required by any state, but many drivers choose these services for the added security and convenience they provide.

South Carolina Rental Car Insurance

Covers the cost of a rental car while your insured car is being repaired because of a covered event.

South Carolina Emergency Roadside Insurance

Covers repairs done at the location of your automobile problem (roadside). This policy is often combined with auto towing coverage and called Roadside Emergency Towing Insurance. Changing a flat tire on the roadside may also be covered, but you will need to pay for repairs received at the garage or other repair location.

South Carolina Auto Glass Insurance

Offers a lower deductible or no deductible for when repairing any broken window on your car is required.

South Carolina Auto Towing Insurance

Covers costs involved for towing your car anytime you need it.

Additional Auto Insurance Policy Information

What information is listed in the actual auto insurance policy that you are given by the insurance agent? Learn about the different important sections in every auto insurance policy below.


Usually listed first in your auto insurance policy and unlike the remainder of your policy, it will have been prepared especially for you. It will list the specific auto insurance coverages and amounts that you've chosen.   year, make, and model of your car VIN - vehicle identification number date the policy is effective policy's coverage types and limits policy's cost - premium name of the insured (you or you and your spouse)

Insuring Agreement

Lists exactly what the insurance company promises to provide in return for the payment of your auto insurance premium. The type and amounts of each coverage you've purchased is described in detail and also outlines exactly who is covered under each provision.


The insurance policy exclusions section is a list of all possible circumstances that would free the insurance company from the responsibility of paying a claim.   Example: most auto insurance contain an exclusion that exempts the insurance company from having to pay in the case of intentionally caused damage or injury.


Lists the duties and responsibilities of the insured (You) in the event of a claim situation. Will include guidelines for contacting the insurance company, obtaining a police report, and filing a claim. Information on auto insurance policy cancellation will be outlined here, too.

Reduce Your South Carolina Auto Insurance Premium

If you have an older car, you can lower your South Carolina auto insurance premium by reducing or dropping your collision or comprehensive coverages. Cars being sold today are much more costly to repair, just ask your auto mechanic the next time you see him. If you damage your older car in a car accident, it's likely that your repair costs will be lower than those for a newer car with similar damage. The amount of South Carolina auto insurance premium that goes toward that coverage option is only slightly reduced for older cars than for newer ones. You can usually save some premium by taking on a small amount of risk.

Lower Auto Insurance Premium - Increase Your Deductibles

Auto insurance premiums are based on the amount of coverage you have, and the deductible you must pay before an insurance claim is paid. Auto insurance deductibles usually range between $100 and $1,000. A lower deductible raises the premium amount, and a higher deductible will lower your monthly South Carolina auto insurance premium. You should consider setting your deductible at an amount that you are comfortable with. Determine the amount that you could afford to spend on your car in any given month if you had an accident. The amount that won't prevent you from paying all your bills is a good amount for an auto insurance deductible. Remember though, if you have an car accident, the deductible you've chosen must be paid before the insurance company will pay for your repairs, and there can be hidden costs in a car accident. For example, your South Carolina auto insurance policy may not pay the cost of a rental car while your car is being repaired.

Low-Mileage Discounts

The more miles you drive, the greater the chances of being involved in an accident. Most auto insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who keep the number of miles they drive each year under 10,000 to 12,000 miles.

Moving Violations

Most automobile insurance companies provide discounts to drivers who have not had a moving violation in the past 3 years. Insurance companies consider speeding tickets and accidents the most serious moving violations which have an impact on your South Carolina auto insurance premiums. Review your driving record prior to shopping for South Carolina auto insurance. You may want to consider holding off on buying new auto insurance if you have a moving violation which can be removed from your records within a short period of time.

Reduce Auto Insurance Premium - Fewer Accidents

Auto insurance companies want to insure the best drivers. Safer drivers have fewer accidents, fewer speeding tickets, and make fewer claims. Every time you are involved in an auto accident or a moving violation, the state where you are licensed assesses points to your driving record. Auto insurance companies limit their risk exposure by charging higher premiums to drivers who have more points on their driving records. Convictions of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is often viewed as much more serious than a speeding ticket or a car accident by insurance carriers. If you think that you apply for good driver rates, be sure to ask companies when you are shopping for auto insurance what their "good driver" discounts are. Compare that price to the good driver rates of other companies, to help determine what the best South Carolina auto insurance policy is for you and your family.

Reduce Auto Insurance Premium - Anti-Lock Brakes

  Anti-lock braking systems help prevent car accidents by shortening stopping distances on wet and dry surfaces. Most car brakes without anti- locking mechanisms will lock if the driver slams the brake pedal, which can cause hydroplaning in wet conditions or skidding on dry surfaces. The proper way to avoid this is to pump the brakes. People are limited in the speed with which they can pump a brake pedal, so anti-lock brakes do the pumping for you and improve safety. Auto insurance companies want to reduce the chance that their policy holders will have a car accident. The auto insurance discounts offered are another incentive to buy cars equipped with anti-locking brakes.

Multiple Insurance Policy Discount

Many auto insurance companies will offer lower premiums if you have multiple insurance policies with the same company, or multiple vehicles insured under the same policy. This works differently depending on which specific insurance company you are dealing with. Insurance companies will offer discounts if you purchase a homeowners insurance policy or an umbrella insurance policy to go along with your South Carolina auto insurance policy.