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We offer innovative fixed annuity products and equity index annuity products. An annuity offers unique benefits such as tax deferral, flexible payout options and can also help to dramatically reduce the chances of outliving your savings

Annuity Advantages

Guaranteed Income

An annuity can provide you with a guaranteed lifetime income regardless of how long you live. Guarantees are limited to the claims-paying ability of the issuer.

Unlimited Contributions

Unlike other tax-advantaged investments such as IRAs, you can contribute an unlimited amount of money to an annuity during the year, whether in periodic installments or a lump sum. Individual insurance carriers may place a ceiling on the total amount you can put into an annuity without approval.

Bonus Rates

Some annuities award investors with bonuses at the end of the annuity's first year such as extra interest that further increases your investment. Bonus rate products may impose higher fees and charges and longer surrender periods than contracts that do not provide the bonus feature.

No-Penalty Rollovers

Company pension or profit-sharing plan payouts may be reinvested without incurring current taxes or penalties.

No probate in case of death, as long as you specify beneficiaries.

Which means your family will find it easier and less costly to obtain the value of the annuity.

Shelter Investment Earnings

Retired people can use annuities to shelter investment earnings that would otherwise lead to taxation of Social Security benefits.

Withdrawal & Early Withdrawal

At withdrawal Annuity holders pay a tax on the growth portion of the annuity on last in first out accounting basis. If you are under 591/2 and need to pull your contributions out, the IRS will get 10% and, the contract writer will ask for a "surrender charge" between 5 and 10%. Better writers have declining surrender fees at lower percents, and allowances for 5-15% emergency withdrawals without penalties. You cannot borrow against your contributions, but Uncle Sam will let you transfer the funds to another insurance company without penalty (let your accountant handle this, if the check comes to you first you could be in trouble). Affordable Insurance Solutions offers experienced annuity services throughout South Carolina, including Fixed Annuity, Equity Indexed Annuity, Fixed Immediate Annuity, and others.

Annuities FAQs

Fixed Tax Deferred Annuity Fixed Immediate (Fixed Payment Annuity) Equity Indexed Annuity

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